Jewelry made in Alishan studio are created in Platinum, 18Karat Gold, Sterling Silver, and sometimes many exotic materials (i.e. ancient glass, ancient coins, ebony wood, etc.), combined with pearls, diamonds and gemstones. The combinations of exquisite designs are complex and enchanting. Each piece of jewelry has several parts that join in different metals and colors. Most rings are made with four to seven parts, worked on individually, and then welded together without any compromise to craftsmanship or artistry. The combination of high polished metal and hand-textured ornamentation bring out the beauty of metal, enhance the colors, and give each creation life and character. This international award-winning artist and his highly trained goldsmiths construct the original designs entirely in Alishan studio. While maintaining a commitment to elegance and style, Alishan has not lost sight of quality. His jewelry pieces are bold, graceful, complex, daring and often provocative.